Reading Impressions: Whitley Strieber – The Key

In 1998, a strange small man in dark clothes knocks on science fiction writer Whitley Strieber`s hotel room in Toronto. Initially suspicious, he soon is captivated by the visitor`s frank demeanor and apparent insight into the future of mankind. Their conversation touches on global warming, the afterlife, UFOs and artificial intelligence. The strange little man makes it clear to Strieber that mankind will be extinct if it doesn`t follow the call to develop a higher consciousness and an attitude of cooperation. Two years after the conversation, Whitley Strieber writes it down gets it published under the title The Key – A True Encounter.


The Master of the Key […] denies the existence of the supernatural, saying that only the natural world exists, some parts of which we understand and some parts of which we don`t. […] In the end, I have come to accept that the soul is, indeed, part of the physical world, in exactly the same sense that an electromagnetic field is part of the physical world.



Birth to this world is death to the other, and vice versa. The recurrence is a great breathing.

Black Mirror San Junipero.jpg


Now what about this other world you mentioned, waiting for our help?

You will be the aliens one day, to these others.



Fate is life lived. Accident is life let pass.

Black Mirror Playtest


A compassionate world would be very different. In such a world, it is everybody`s duty and delight to find what every other they come into contact with needs most from them, and give it to them.



Evil is an infection just like cholera or cancer. To serve itself, it kills its host and ultimately dies with it.

Black Mirror Hated In The Nation



Film stills taken from the brilliant Science Fiction series Black Mirror.



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