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Why don`t trees who grow up in superior living conditions grow as tall as trees who are situated in a harsh environment? The locals have the following explanation: Trees are just like people. Trees that stand on their own will become lazy because there is no competition, which often makes them grow in strange ways. When trees grow close to others, every one of them wants to survive, so they must grow tall and strong, in order to gain the limited resources such as sunshine and moisture – and eventually they will grow into pillars.

This is the cultivation of the ego illustrated by the growth of trees: Only when the tree perceives itself in relation to other trees, it will give up its “awkwardness” and strive to be as tall and rigid as the other trees, which will eventually lead to its growing into a pillar – its character traits become solid. Only if it stands on its own, apart from the other trees, its will remain more free-spirited. (But of course, this is only an explanation from an unknown Chinese source, Peter Wohlleben has a whole different explanation).

“laemmchenfund” is a new, regular format here on laemmchenblog. It presents finds I come across during the day – be it quotations, photos or sightings “in the real world”. In this way, my blog might from now on take on more the form of a diary. Categories will be blurred, themes will overlap – all according to the “flow” principle of the Dao.

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