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Though I might be considered by some to have reached a goal, I have discovered along the way that at every position in the whole hierarchy of beings there is as much above as below, and thus that there are standpoints from which every position is as much a failure as it is a success.

– Alan Watts, In My Own Way

Alan Watts is the one to turn to if your plans and ambitions spin around like crazy in your head. Like in my case, if you’re thinking about moving to a different country, doing another Master’s degree, starting your own translation company and finishing your novel (Yes, that’s right, everything at once). Don’t think about if you would be enjoying the outcome, think about if you’re enjoying the process. Once you’re getting to the finish line, it will feel just like before. Plans and ambitions can get crushed when confronted with hard reality, the pleasure you have in this very moment never will.

(c) Daigo Tanaka

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  1. Gringo says:

    How can we parallel our parallelity of experiences ? And How can we parallel our parallelity of experiences in our writings or other expressions of our impressions ? And how are our impressions influenced by the parallelity of our experiences ? And why is it so hard to express the impression of parallelity without breaking the parallels apart and without creating an impression of fragments whereas all the fragments are a part of the whole ? And I think we want to be whole …

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