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In his book 666 – Connection with Crowley, Laurence Galian recommends that one should not only have a dream journal, but also a “waking dream journal”, in which one interprets real-life events and sights as if they were appearing in a dream. Interesting idea. And I would love to tell someone in my dream: “Hey, you were in my waking life today!”

Ask yourself the same questions that you do when you analyze a dream: What images continue to reoccur? What is the environment like? Where do I find myself? How am I feeling? […] What are the monsters? […] One way to analyze a dream is to suppose that each aspect and person in our dream, all represent parts of our own psyches, our own selves. […] What if we analyze our life in terms of viewing everything and everyone as parts of ourselves?

Unfortunately – maybe – one registers so many more details in one’s waking life than in a dream, so that one possibly would never be finished decoding and pigeonholing all of them.

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