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In times of turmoil, synchronicities seem to pile up, just like some researchers claim deja-vues pile up whenever there’s a difficult phase in our life.

I have experienced a nice reality-fiction-synchronicity lately, concerning the latest book I’m translating. For two or three days, the phrase „women going to war“ was stuck in my mind (I think I had it from a song), playing over and over again in a loop. The following week, a manuscript was in my mail folder, the abstract mentioning a woman who goes to war. What are the odds?

It turned out that the whole book was full of these little synchronicities; the other protagonist in the book is a writer like me and she can’t finish her current novel (like me). She then goes to Scotland to air her brain out – just like my husband and me plan to spend some time in Scotland this year for a change. The protagonist meets a wise old lady/fortune-teller in the little Scottish village shes settling down in – which resonates with the plan of an esoteric friend of ours to maybe go to Scotland with us. On and on it goes… (The only question is: Who is the person in my life thats going to war? I hope its not all of us.)

Sometimes synchronicities also go all the way round and round and round, like a spiral. I had experienced one such just today: The University of Bristol is sending me a confirmation that they have received my application. Just in this moment, a former colleague of mine phones me, we talk about my upcoming holiday in UK and she says that she likes England and that she studied in Bristol. After I have hung up the phone, I remember that she likes T.C. Boyle, whose latest novel I`m reading right now. And where does the majority of the novel plot take place? In a university, of course.

And what was I doing before this happened? I was consciously calming my mind, thinking of a quote by Alan Watts: „When you`re silent, it speaks.“

(c) Grufnik

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