Travel Impressions: Cornwall

In some places, the wisteria is clinging to the ancient walls like we cling to the images, sounds and smells that constitute the timeless promises of our childhood.
@Cotehele House

Bluebells overgrow much of Cornwall`s landscape during the spring months. They are a symbol of humility and gratitude. A single bluebell knows it is only one amongst many, and yet it is an essential component in the rich tapestry.
@Cotehele House

Lush nature
Cornwall is like the hidden side of the English character, the one that secretly wants to leave behind all its reserve and restraints and indulge in the colours and vividness of life.
@Cotehele House, Gardens and St. Michael`s Mount

Are we under an illusion when we think that a country might be our “Holy Land”? Is it just the fact that it`s separated from us by an ocean, shrouded in clouds and mist, a solitary island much like our own mind?
@ St. Michael`s Mount

Leading Lines
Leading Lines are a useful asset in photography; they lead they eyes away from the confusion of all the different elements, the sideshows in a picture and towards a focus point where they can rest. Sometimes, we – or even the whole of Britain at the moment – might need just such a Leading Line in real life.
@ St. Michael`s Mount

In Britain, you are never really far away from the coast, the ever-changing edge of the country, always there to remind you that nothing is permanent, much less the state of the country you`re living in.
@ South West Coast Path

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