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I seldom watch a movie twice. If I do, it`s 1) because it has a particular significance for me or 2) because I show it to a friend. But more often than not, the movies that belong to category 2) also take on a certain significance. So it happened with Truffaut´s La Nuit Americaine, which I saw first on my birthday two years ago and now again. I began to ask yourself: What are the themes that move me now the same as then, and which of these come up in the movie? In my case it`s the piece-by-piece work of writing – or making a movie. Some of the protagonists – the actors – might not act like you want them to, they might even have a serious drinking problem. Sometimes, you have to write – shoot something – twice because your camera/computer has decided to give up its ghost at half-time. You might find yourself writing about writing – making a movie about making a movie. And in the middle of it all, you might say to yourself: Okay, it started out nice, but up from now I`m basically just trying to survive.

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  1. Ob ĂĽber das Schreiben zu schreiben nicht weniger Selbstbeschreibung und Selbstbefragung als Verwunderung ĂĽber das was wir tun und ĂĽber das was wir in Bezug auf uns selber tun ist ?

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