Hello, World of Fantasy Readers!

There was nothing going on here for longer. Now, laemmchenblog is undergoing serious change – from a reviewing site to an author’s site.

I have been writing Urban Fantasy and Coming of Age under the pseudonym Sally Feng for some time. My new book “The Glint of the Luopan” will finally launch this autumn. Expect to be taken along for a weird and psychedelic ride through New York and Beijing!

The blurb is already out:

Portals that can be travelled through with the help of a Luopan, a society of dreamers, and cities in the sky – when Chinese native Lai Fang meets the mysterious S., she doesn’t know that this is the starting point of a journey into a world of Chinese magic. Having lost a big part of her memory due to a supposed accident, only one thing is on her mind: finding her Dad and reconnecting with her past. While S. wants to help her at first, he is not really what he seems – and Lai Fang has to escape from New York. She winds up in Beijing, the place where all her Dad’s clues lead and where his past lies. Luckily, the Dreamer Society, who is responsible for the cities in the sky – cities made of dreams that house a part of the Chinese population due to the growing overpopulation – supports her in her quest. Or is Lai Fang just being fooled again? And will S. just give up without a fight?

At the moment I am in the final stages of revising. Which can sometimes get tedious but will ultimately be rewarding!

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