“The Glint of the Luopan” – First reader opinions

Did you know that there‘s also a print version of „The Glint of the Luopan“? Proudly presented by Marzipan 🐱📖

My book has been out for a short while and there are already some reader opinions ✏️:

„I thought this was a strange sci-fi fantasy that took a lot of thought and imagination to create. The characters were interesting and fun to read and the story took the reader on an imaginary trip that was unexpected.“ (Shelly Neinast, Canada)

„This book takes the reader first into what looks like a woman with a mental illness and then we find the strange story behind her lost memories. It is a world different to those in science fiction or fantasy as far as I know. The writing is very descriptive, almost poetic at times.“ (Pauline Murray, Australia)

„For me personally I found it a bit of a slow to start book, but once it got going I enjoyed the story. I liked the romance at the start, and how Lai was getting her memories back… Overall I liked the world building it was quite an interesting concept. I liked the Chinese fantasy and daoism link, the portal methods using the luopan, it was a pretty cool plot.“
(Tora Houtris, USA)

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