A sneak-preview into my newest psychedelic project

While I'm looking for an agent for my Urban Fantasy novel "The Glint of the Luopan" (Working Title), I'm currently working on a Coming-of-Age-Story that revolves around fears, music and psychedelics. Here's a little extract: I was starting to meditate as well, sitting on my bed cross-legged for ten minutes every morning and evening. One … A sneak-preview into my newest psychedelic project weiterlesen

Reading Impressions: Tao Lin

Psilocybin Note-taking seemed misguided and neurotic. Experience was the only usable information - takable from existence in the universe - and it was recorded automatically. My life was notes, etched into the four-dimensional object of the universe. (c) Matthew Trentacoste I would leave society - its drugs and language and ideas and habits and opinions … Reading Impressions: Tao Lin weiterlesen