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为什么生存环境优越的树木反而没有环境恶劣的树木高大?对于这个问题,当地人是这样解释的:树也如同人一样,单独生长的树木因为不存在竞争,就会变得懒散、随意,这往往使它们长得奇形怪状;而集中长在一起的树木,每个个体想要生存,都必须让自己长得高大强壮,才能争得有限的阳光、水分等资源,从而存活下来,最终长成了栋梁之材。 Why don`t trees who grow up in superior living conditions grow as tall as trees who are situated in a harsh environment? The locals have the following explanation: Trees are just like people. Trees that stand on their own will become lazy because there is no competition, which often makes them grow in strange … laemmchen🔎fund: ego weiterlesen