A word on … the influence of Chinese on other Asian languages

The influence of the Chinese language on other Asian languages, for example on Thailand, cannot be overstated. As one of the oldest and most influential civilizations in the world, #China has played a significant role in shaping the languages of other Asian countries through trade, migration, and cultural exchange. One of the primary ways that Chinese has…

Short Story “Beauty” by Xue Mo (雪漠)

The first months of this year will be devoted to translating Xue Mo’s short stories (into German)! 🖊️ I’m so happy I got this job! Xue Mo writes about western China, far away from the glitter of Shanghai and Beijing. This story, “Beauty”, is about Yue, who has to hide an illness from Mengzi… My…

Virtual Book tour for “The Glint of the Luopan”

My virtual book tour is starting today! Powered by Bewitching Book Tours🚂📚 On various blogs I will talk about what inspired me to write this story, what I’m currently working on, and more! Today, Roxanne from Bewitching Books herself is blogging about me, as well as Sharon from the quirky paranormal blog “I Smell Sheep“.

“The Glint of the Luopan” – First reader opinions

Did you know that there‘s also a print version of „The Glint of the Luopan“? Proudly presented by Marzipan 🐱📖 My book has been out for a short while and there are already some reader opinions ✏️: „I thought this was a strange sci-fi fantasy that took a lot of thought and imagination to create….

Author Interview 📚

I recently gave an interview to the website Pretty Hot Books 📚 Q: What is the name of your latest book and what inspired it?A: My latest book is called “The Glint of the Luopan”. It’s inspired by Chinese culture and legends (e.g. Daoism). My penchant for the paranormal has also influenced the story. Q:…

A word on… The I Ging

The I Ching or Yi Jing, usually translated as Book of Changes, is an ancient Chinese text used for divination. For this kind of divination, bundles of yarrow stalks are thrown on the ground. Depending on how they fall on the ground, they form one of the 64 hexagrams, which can be looked up in the I Ching….

Stay tuned for Monday…

Stay tuned! Just in time for Black Friday Week, there will be a special offer for the eBook version of “The Glint of the Luopan”. For all those who have so far missed out on the story of Lai Fang, the secret Dreamer Society and the cities in the sky. More on Monday 🙂